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"The Capital that creates new realities"

Crossings Capital can guide your company in securing financing for your plans and provides you with independent advice in this area. We will assist you in realizing your ambitions by finding the right kind of financing with the best terms. The lowest cost while maintaining as much control as possible, that is our goal for you. We can look at new financing or at optimizing your existing arrangements. In collaboration with you, we strive to secure the optimal financing structure for your company through financial engineering and scenario analysis.

Finding the right financing options starts with understanding and defining your financial scenario. A strong foundation, typically summarized in an offering memorandum, whether for growth, recovery or take-over, is crucial for securing the support of selected financiers in capital raising or capital restructuring.

A well-thought-out offering memorandum contains your preferred financial scenario, which will then be presented to a select number of financiers or investors. Crossings Capital has key contacts at every large financing institution and at 300+ investors within and outside of Europe. 

As a matchmaker we are continuously on the look-out for good companies to invest in for investors, private equity firms and investment funds. We conduct market and industry analyses for investors to recognize and reconnoiter investment opportunities.

A tailored funding application starts with a personal introduction. You are always welcome.

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